It is important to spot rust on your vehicle as the longer the rust remains the larger it will become, spreading and destroying the body of your vehicle. The solution to the rust problem will be to either remove the panel and replace it with a healthy panel or fix the panel using welding.

MIG (Metal inert gas) Welding is the process of producing heat with gas to melt and mix metal together so that when the heat is removed the metal begins to cool and solidify to form a new piece of fused metal.

Here are a few welding services that can be done:

  • Replacing a floor panel
  • Repairing a suspension mounting
  • Making a chassis repair section
  • Fitting new sills
  • Wheel arch repair
  • Fabricating complex shapes
  • Chassis jig and roller
  • Other jigs

We offer an excellent welding service for your vehicle by our highly trained mechanics. Whether it be a body repair, rust or corrosion we can do it for you. Just give us a call and we can provide you with a quote.